Friday, 19 February 2010

Everything Old Is New Again

One of the things I love about making assemblage art is that it allows me to indulge a childlike delight in found and discarded objects. I am often truly amazed at the things people throw out in skips and just dump in the back alleys. Frequently I see perfectly good sofas, dining room furniture, bookcases - oh the list goes on and on. Obviously these have been discarded for something newer and 'shinier' and clearly it's none of my business how people choose to spend their money. And yet...

I am of a generation which, brought up by parents who had lived through the austerity of war and post-war years, had impressed upon us the value of taking care of possessions, of making do and mending, and of the beauty of well-worn and cherished objects. I still feel that way and live by those principles as much as possible. In current times it seems to me to be an even wiser course of action and has taken on the added incentive of stepping more lightly on the earth.

Anyway, when V brought home these pieces of a junked dolls' house I immediately started seeing all sorts of possibilities in them. The two little doors slide back and forth and would make a great way to reveal some treasure within, and there are windows for framing other finds or perhaps some collage. Can't wait to have a go!


  1. I absolutey agree. We live in such a "throw away world". Can't wait to see it finished.

  2. I totally agree. I love finding old stuff and refurbishing it. . . It makes it so much more special.