Friday, 7 May 2010

Inspiration Friday

I don't know what I'd do without my books. They provide so much inspiration and hours of delight, not to mention all the new things I have learned from them! Whilst going through my studio I've uncovered one or two treasures which had inadvertently got hidden away so I thought this was a good opportunity to share some of my favourite  titles with you and ask you to share some of yours with me.

In the top picture is the very first quilt book I ever bought and if you've never done any quilting but would like to try it this is a really good book to start with. The quilts have enough interest without being too complex and yes, most of them can be made in just a couple of days. Artists' Journals and Paper, Metal & Stitch are both books I would never be without, wildly inspirational and great reference works for all manner of techniques. Colour is a brilliant read which tracks Victoria Finlay's travels in search of the fascinating history and origins of the colours and pigments we know today.

In the second photo you can see two more of my favourite go-to volumes for pure inspiration in design, texture, colour and form and The Artist's Way which I bought quite a few years ago on a friend's recommendation but have never got round to reading. Think I might do so finally!

So, just a few titles from my shelves, but what are your favourite books, the ones you love to look at and go back to again and again? Do tell me, I'd love to know!

Paper, Metal & Stitch by Maggie Grey and Jane Wild
The Artists' Way by Julia Cameron
Kimono: Vanishing Tradition by Cheryl Imperatore
Art Forms From The Ocean by Ernst Haeckel


  1. I have 3 of the books on your list already and I'm off to look at Art Forms from the Ocean - it looks beautiful!

  2. Helen, it really is! Amazing detailed drawings of radiolaria (no idea what they are but I love that word) :)

  3. Funnily enough I'm just reading "Colour", and it is really good. First fact I discovered... I had never considered when looking at old paintings the colours I see might not actually be the original colour. Never occured to me before, doh!

  4. Yes, those fugitive colours - isn't that a great expression? :)