Sunday, 20 March 2011

Red Lands

Another 6-inch canvas today from the group I showed you in the previous post. This one got worked and reworked as I went through the hating-how-it's-going stage which always happens before it turns a corner and starts to look like something. 

It's available here, along with a few more views of it.



  1. I'm popping over from Wild Precious ... I love these pieces! I too have to get out of the way to let the work emerge ... these pieces speak to me in a language beyond words ... truly inspirational! I can see there is a lot here exciting me!

    Have a lovely weekend -
    xo Lis

  2. Thanks so much for stopping by Lis, and for the compliments :) Yes, the perennial problem of getting things finished despite feeling it's all going wrong! Requires a lot of trust in the process I've found, which is easier some days than others.