Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Playing House

Since my last blog post I have become a grandmother. Little Eben couldn't wait to meet the world and was born a month early. He is a beautiful, healthy boy and I feel blessed to know him. 

One of the things which this whole experience has brought to the fore is how much has changed in the baby world in the last 30-odd years since my daughter was born, by which I mean everything from attitudes to home birth, advice on pregnancy and beyond, and the range of 'stuff' available to care for mum and baby. To me, 36 years seems quite a short time, but I feel like a stranger in a strange land when I watch how my daughter equips and acquits herself when looking after his needs, and I marvel at it a little.

Of course, much is still the same as well, the basics never change and the most important things: security, warmth, food and shelter, remain. And, of course, love. A loving family and a happy home are surely what we all wish for our children, and their children too.

The pictures above are a couple of the happy houses I made as new year's gifts this year.


  1. congratulations again fran, he is adorable! and lovely artwork too!!