Saturday, 16 March 2013

Pottering About

A very long time ago (well, 35 years to be exact) I did a couple of part-time courses in ceramics and fell in love with wheel thrown pottery. There is something addicting and magical about coaxing a form from a lump of clay, using just your hands, water and centrifugal force to turn mud into a bowl or a jug or a plate.

Over the intervening years I've often thought about going back to it but never have. Then a few weeks ago I was given the most marvellous birthday present: 3 hours a week of wheel time at my local FE college for a whole eight weeks!

I went back to it excited, but a little fearful. What if I didn't enjoy it any more and had lost interest, or, worse still, what if I just couldn't do it? Was it like riding a bike and I would still have the body memory to enable me to get back into the swing quite quickly, or would I have forgotten everything I ever knew about how to throw? 

Well yes, I did still love it, and no, I hadn't forgotten everything. Rusty, out of practice and lacking some of the arm and hand strength I once had, I discovered I could still produce things which pleased me and which will be used around the home. And here they are; timely little reminders to do what you love and follow your heart.


  1. love. plain and simple, love.

  2. truly, there is nothing you can't turn your hand to, fran!! you are SUCH a craftswoman :) i LOVE them all - you've still got it, obviously :)

  3. These are amazing . . . I love hand turned pots, there is a magic about them. I've never tried my hand at them, but I get a joy just holding them in my hands. It is like you are holding art and love at the same time.
    You amaze me, with your many talents.
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)