Saturday, 19 February 2011

Another Red House

I used to dream about living in a red house when I was a little girl. Sometimes it was in the forest and sometimes it was on the seashore but wherever it was there was always a feeling of magic about it and adventures would surely follow.


  1. so cute :)
    can i ask you, fran, which brand of paper you use? i find my pen scratches on watercolour paper, yet the drawing paper can't take the watercolour... *ho hum*

  2. Claire, I've found (after MUCH trial and error) that hot pressed paper is best, although not quite as easy to watercolour on. My current favourite for ink and wc work is Hahnemuhle Fine Art paper 300g HP:

    It can also make a difference which type/brand of pen you use. I like microns but they're not available locally so I mostly use Staedtler pigment liners which I've found are much less inclined to scratch or skip than other brands.

    Hope that's some help :)

  3. I love your beautiful red house. I passed a red house in a little gray Pennsylvania town. My heart soared when I saw it. I must have passed this little cottage dozens of times -- I'm assuming it was recently painted.

  4. many thanks for the info, fran :)
    i knew my good-ole WHSmith paper was the problem.... xx