Thursday, 3 March 2011

Grannies Galore!

Just a quick update so you can see what I've been working on lately. Apparently London Fashion Week was granny square-tastic in its Autumn/Winter 2011 collections! See this article in British Sellers on Etsy for a view of it and expect to see them appearing much more on the high street soon.

I've loved this traditional crochet pattern for years and have mixed feelings about the fashion world 'discovering' it. Whilst it's great that something which is often thought of as old fashioned and not relevant is now being seen in a new light and garnering new fans, it's also sad to think that in a matter of months it'll possibly be dismissed as 'so over'. However, hopefully in the meantime lots of new converts to the granny square, and handcrafted work in general, will have been acquired on a more permanent basis. I do hope so! 

Pincushions and blanket shown above are available here 

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  1. i love the way your blog looks these days! grannies will always stay in our hearts because they ARE comfort and love. yours are incredible x