Monday, 7 March 2011

Little Landscapes WIP

One of my favourite supports to work on is a chunky, small canvas. When I recently got a whole box full of six inch square ones I decided to prep a few in one go as I always find it easier to work on something which has had the 'newness' taken out of it. So I got out the modelling and texture mediums and applied some of those, followed by some almost random patches of colour.

I can thoroughly recommend this approach if you either have that 'blank page' discomfort or perhaps simply don't yet know what you want to paint. The canvas which ended up being The Inlet started out as the green and white one you can see in the other pics. I had a vague idea of the landscape I wanted to paint but it evolved as I was working on it into something different and, I feel, better.

Often the hardest job when creating something is just getting out of my own way and letting it happen.


  1. ooooh! i LIKE these :)
    and normally i'm very laissez faire with landscapes...
    it's the colours and textures - wonderful, fran :)

  2. Love them too!! different, fun landscapes!:)

  3. These are so fun, and look great. they must take a long time to dry.

  4. :) thank you for sharing these! I love the texture you've worked into your paintings as well as the colors!